Make Celtic Studies your goal!

Celtic Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland


More than Tolkien, King Arthur and Guinness…

Celtic cultures is a little known, yet a truly vital element of the cultural heritage of the United Kingdom and Ireland – it includes separate languages, literatures, and musical worlds. Celtic Studies  provide a unique chance to enter the richness of cultures of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and/or Brittany and to embark on a fascinating intercultural dialogue. The choice of Celtic Studies is not only a challenge and an intellectual adventure, but also a way to better understand contemporary, and increasingly multi-cultural societies where traditional nation-based divisions prove to be more and more in retreat. What is more, exposure to Celtic languages  makes us more aware of  linguistic diversity in Europe as well as the dangers faced by language minorities worldwide – the kind of  knowledge that simply cannot be underestimated by a 21st century philologist.

What is the Celtic specialization?

In existence since 2008, the Celtic specialisation at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University is a unique (both in Poland and abroad) English-Celtic study programme. Within the three-year B.A. studies we offer:

  • Celtic-themed Courses/ courses with Celtic content complimentary to standard English courses, e.g. Welsh and Irish literature, history and culture of Wales and Ireland, ecolinguistics of Celtic languages (detailed descriptions are to be found on the webpage)
  • Learning Welsh and Irish from scratch with envisaged fluency by the end of the three-year programme of studies
  • Classes conducted by native speakers of English and Celtic languages
  • Socrates/Erasmus scholarships to Limerick (Ireland), Bangor (Wales, UK), Rennes (Brittany,France) and Mannheim (Germany) and areas with non-Celtic minority languages, such as Victoria-Gasteiz (the Basque Country, Spain)


Students of Celtic specialisation on a trip to Scotland, 2012

And after classes?

Celtic Studies is not only about learning, but also about getting involved in cultural activities and engaging in cross-cultural exchange within the realm of university and city Poznań. For the last eight years ‘Celtic events’ have been part and parcel of Poznań cultural calendar, among others Samhain celebrations (Celtic equivalent of Halloween) co-organized by students and lecturers, St. David’s Day, Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish-language Week), Eisteddfod (Welsh culture festival) or meeting with artists from Celtic countries who visit Poznań. Both the students’ circle of Irish affiliated to the Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures as well as the Polish-Welsh Society enable students to further develop their interest in matters Celtic, e.g. through the organization of workshops, film evenings or conversations in Celtic languages over a pint of Irish beer.


Eisteddfod UAM 2018

What do we offer to our students?

  • An in-depth knowledge on many aspects of Welsh, Irish and Scottish culture
  • Wonderful opportunities to broaden one’s horizons and getting involved in cultural activities
  • A solid grounding for further studies both in Poland and abroad
  • The development of interpersonal skills, communication skills, group work and independent thinking, presentation of results of one’s work and creative problem solving – skills currently required in the job market
  • A solid grounding for future professional career in terms of: translation, English language teaching, international relations, public relations and work in cultural institutions

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